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Hey! How are you Ate Malousak? Do you still remember me :") ?
malousak malousak Said:

Hello :) Of course I still remember you :) There’s only one person who calls me Ate :D

Heyy ! Just wanna let you know you're awesome. Stay Beautiful" xo
malousak malousak Said:

Aww, thank you so much ^^ You’re the best! And pretty :)

(っ=ˆヮˆ=)っsend this to ALL of your favorite people on tumblr ~ ♥
malousak malousak Said:

Aww you’re so sweet ^^ Thank you! <3

Asker raikee-hime Asks:
165th LIKE~ Definitely follows back animu blogs ^_^ (By the way, you look like a doll in that picture ^___^)
malousak malousak Said:

Thank you for the compliment, sweety ^^

Asker ze-r-o Asks:
I liked your picture, you're cute as fuck btw.
malousak malousak Said:

Thank you so much :X You’re very cute yourself ;)

Asker sublimekids Asks:
hey, can you promo me? i love your blog and if that photo's you, you're the cutest thing ever! thank you, and i follow back all blogs like mine x
malousak malousak Said:

Aww you’re so sweet! ^_^ Thank you so much! <3

Asker aspects Asks:
Awh, you look like an adorable doll, i'm soo jelly! I really hope you win the contest!, & I follow back always <3
malousak malousak Said:

Thank you so much, sweety ^^ You’re very adorable yourself ;) and pretty

Asker ra-ys Asks:
Thankyou for much for following! You're beautiful! xo
malousak malousak Said:

You’re welcome! ^_^ I follow blogs that I like :)

Hi, Your Stupidly Pretty, Your Eyes are Gorgeous!;o
malousak malousak Said:

Thank you so much! :X You are beautiful <3 and very cute looking ^_^

Asker umejpg Asks:
Wow you are a so cute doll ♥ Have a nice day :)
malousak malousak Said:

*blushes* Thank you! <3 Feel free to talk to me anytime ;) I love your cute blog! :D

could you please promo me? i follow back. also just like to say youre amazingly beautiful and your blogs perfect
malousak malousak Said:

Aww thank you! ^_^ you’re so sweet and nice.

Asker lay-lee Asks:
You're ridiculously nice, azizam. :3
malousak malousak Said:

Thank you so much! ^_^

Asker musiclove-r Asks:
aww do one more thing make one cake for me also i m feeling hungry right now hehe i think u cn make it for me <3 u r soo sweet and ur blog is soo much yummy check out mine too:)
malousak malousak Said:

Aww thanks ^_^ Nice blog :) I love music.

love the hello kitty(:
malousak malousak Said:

I love the fresh look of your blog :)

Asker florasis Asks:
Hey, there, beautiful :) Thank you for following me. You're amazing.
malousak malousak Said:

Thank you, sweety ^_^ You’re so amazing for being such a nice person!